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Abstract, experiential and re-imagined works with the richness and texture of colourful acrylic paint

Original paintings


Also available as fine art giclée prints:

Holding a Paintbrush
Specifically for you



I'd love to create a bespoke painting for your home or office or a gift for someone special. .These are surprisingly affordable with few formalities, and if you've never had one before, can be fun. 


Please contact me to fall in love with your next painting / project.


How it


Explore ideas & Commission

We talk through your initial requirements, ideas, what you like / dislike in my existing work and explore ideas. These will help me focus in on what you are hoping for me to achieve visually.   

To proceed, we sign my commissioning agreement and you pay 50% upfront as a non-refundable deposit (against my invoice). 



Art happens. We might talk some more detail about colours, ideas, sketches etc.


I will do my best to supply accurate photographs so you are assured that what you are receiving meets your expectations. 


Settlement & Delivery

You approve the final painting and settle a follow-up invoice for the remaining balance in full.  I then handover / deliver / ship the work to you.

Commissions via a gallery or agent are different. All payments and correspondence are handled through that person. Prices of similar work will be standardised to maintain third party relationships.

How long
How much?

Art takes time and this is a rough guide - as size and complexity can vary. My lead time is between 6 and 8 weeks. This allows me time to develop a concept, order materials, paint, finish, install hardware, photograph and document the work.  

It includes time spent liaising and making any necessary adjustments to ensure you are happy with the final painting.


Bespoke artworks cost around 10-15% more than studio pieces, a fairly small premium these days for a personal item.


I really hope you will be happy.  My process has an element of evolution, fluidity, creative licence and happy accident. These can greatly influence the final result.


Sometimes it's tricky to accurately convey a vision, from either side. I will do my best to communicate with you throughout so that we stay on the same page and ensure the work moves in the direction that you initially envisaged. To date, I've never had an issue.

It's possible that no matter how hard we both try, things just don't come together in the way you hope. In this unlikely event, and we agree to end the process, then there would be no balancing payment due, and you would have no further obligations.  I will retain the 50% deposit as payment for time and materials on a painting that I would not have otherwise have created. All rights to the painting then remain mine to do with as I wish.

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