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for the latest work and offers

1. Send me a message/ leave a comment



  • GIVE a kind word of encouragement

  • TELL me your impressions or reactions

  • PROVIDE a helpful quote (say if you are happy for PR)

  • SHARE a meaningful conversation you've had begun by an artwork

  • CATCH UP - artists love tea and cake!


  • ENQUIRE about a painting

  • ASK me to make a bespoke artwork

  • EXPLORE a collaboration

  • PROMOTE my work - a feature, exhibition, hosted event or auction a print for a cause

  • Anything else!

Thanks for writing!
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2. Subscribe to my mailing list


I've been asked how it's all going, what I'm working on next and getting requests to be notified of latest developments, like when new original acrylic paintings are for sale or new items are available in my online print shop for sale etc.


They are curious to know what kind of bespoke artworks people request. If you've read my site you'll see I've already some big ideas in mind; and of course loads I've not even thought about yet. The situation is fluid.

So instead of having to check the website or keep up with social media posts I'll notify you directly when something new is happening. Literally, you'll get the state of my art.

Patrons (coming soon) and subscribers will get priority access to any new contemporary paintings for sale, and a chance to inspire and even participate in rewards linked to success and growth.

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