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Express your identity
in life and the metaverse

Own affordable investments in exclusive artworks, apparel and related collectables from the emerging contemporary artists that you love. Show your support, be cool and secure a share of their future success*.

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*Assets (NFTs) where ownership is registered on a blockchain and backed by smart contracts. Paintings, prints, clothing, designs, avatar skins and other highly collectable items with rights you can own, display and/or rent online, earning passively from each use in perpertuity or trade.

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Colourful designs from the acrylic paintings of Ron Yellon, England

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Optimism and Pessimism, 2014

Keep people guessing with this portrayal of the interaction of opposite emotions. Bright colours and all-over geometric patterns convey elevated spirits and high hopes or tempered caution. It's your choice.

Mountain Village, 2009

Show your playful side with this stylised cubist landscape with unusual perspective and repetition of geometric 3D shapes. Light up the room with popping colour, but stay feisty and aloof with contrasting hot and cold zones. 

Fragility, 2009

Reveal your thoughtful, melancholic side with this metaphysical homage to three famous Georges: De Chirico, Braque and Seurat to create a deep and lasting first impression.  Despite your vulnerability, the party need not be over.

Lost Identity, 2008

Brooding angular shards of opaque colour give a sense of foreboding and a dream-like quality to this landscape. Let storm clouds tinged with hope send a positive message for a brighter if altered future.

Rainy Night, 2014

Cut a speedy dash in the City with this urban street scene. Ornate lights cast moody bokeh dabs of colour upon lingering romantic figures oblivious of the rain and the surrounding shadows. 

Others coming soon..

These clothing items are prototypes. Work is underway to bring these to market with enduring quality. Please get in touch to express your interest or suggest items you might like to purchase or wish to see. Your input is highly valued. Thank you.

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