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Art, Blockchain and Wow!

Here are links to interesting articles on the state of the art:


Blockchain and Art: The Market is Here and What You Need to Know.

- Stephen Buchko, 11 Nov 2019 for Coincentral


The future of the art gallery – gallery models of the future.

- Kerstin Gold, 6 June 2019 for art market guru (


- Jason Bailey, 27 Feb 2019 for artnome


Blockchain companies in the art market.

- 3 Jan 2019 for Art Market Guru


Using blockchain to value art.

- FT subscription


What is a smart contract?

- Kelsey Ray, 5 Nov 2019 for Coincentral


Life is Non-fungible: The Evolution of Ownership, Assets, and Us.

- Roham Gharegozlou, TEDxVienna on YouTube


The blockchain market is here

- Jason Bailey, 27 Nov 2017 for artnome


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