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Photo Mashup, 2019

Stock Images, WIx

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

- Abraham Lincoln

It’s a troubling but not uncommon experience that we go through life with a strong personal narrative about who we are based often on our daily roles: our job, our family, our groups, our culture and values.


When these are threatened, turned upside-down or taken away the sense of loss can be devastating.  We may feel bereaved.  Grieving, for that’s what it is, can be a different process for everyone: for some short-lived while for others, it can take many years.  


Hope and acceptance is part of the answer. We are so much more than our assigned roles. Although we are changed permanently, our lives can and do have meaning. The challenge is to seek out a new purpose and learn to live in the moment once more.

It is difficult to know for sure the extent to which the decisions we make are really our own or the result of a complex set of conditioning. How well do we really know our own minds?


I’m thrilled to have my first “Rontrospective” and delighted to share my “most excellent” art adventure, from economist to artist, and from scarcity to abundance.

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What others are saying..

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