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Acrylic on Canvas

36" x 36"

A mournful yet optimistic work, the first and largest of the period, sends a positive message of hope to anyone suffering identity and role-loss perhaps through personal trauma.​

“Lost Identity” was inspired by summer sun lighting stained glass at St Andrew's Church, Cambridge.  The scene depicts a barren land with a solitary silver birch entwined in a threatening sky. The earth is scorched to the horizon yet storm clouds are tinged with hope for a brighter if altered future. ​

An initial application of translucent paint became brooding angular shards of opaque colour in the emotions of the making. The distinctive, more painterly style of the tree adds a dream-like quality.

There are influences of the Floating World style of Japanese printmaking (the colour of the outlines changed from blue to black). But is of the western landscape tradition with an absence of figures.

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