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2020 Year of Abstraction

Updated: Jul 21, 2020


I got to thinking about an upcoming series of pieces to exploit the transparent properties of my new paint from Windsor & Newton. They claim that the colours when applied wet are much more closely related to the colours when they dry. They achieve this by introducing a new medium that is clear rather milky when it goes on.

Given the "open" time (when you can work the paint before drying is around 20 minutes in summer this is really important for larger works that have significant planes of flat colour. Not everyone wants to mix a lot of expensive paint at one time and use a house painting brush! This could be a game changer and open up possibilities to move ahead with a stained glass look (it's all about the light) exploiting overlapping brushstrokes of thin acrylic glaze.

On trend

Have you noticed how designers are using retro style blocks on idents and logos at the moment?

I've been working on an update, V2.0 of my logo, which has a bit of a nod to dutch currency or a mondrian design - holding it in reserve for now but I'm warming to it after the dali-esque organic shapes of 2019. Let me know your thoughts.

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